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1BHK for RENT at 16000 at HSR Layout 1st SECTOR with Parking, Vastu Lighting Ventilation

Semi furnished house in HSR Layout at just 16,000 rupees. This East facing home is on the 3rd floor & comes with parking. This home is well equipped with a wardrobe & also has a bathroom. Spread over 600 sqft. this home is also equipped Modular kitchen.

Contact – Ramesh Rao Maney (OWNER) -9448850933

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The market is so high. Is it the right time to invest if I want to invest for 3 years?

Gold, Silver, Real estate and stock all are kinds of investment.

Similarly, think Gold price is high. Is it right time to invest for 3 years.

Similarly you want to buy a plot of land, real estate. Price is high but you want to invest for 3 years.

So gather all the information about which share, stock, debenture, derivative, cash market, or commodity you want to invest.

Got information about it, apart from the fact the price is high, now what is the returns your expecting.

Say you brought piece of land, price was high. But still you brought land and as you expected it grew and after you brought price increase to say from 1 million to 10 million.

You will sell it, or

Hold it and expect it grow further or,

So you have plan.

If price of land decreased from 100000 to 60,000 you will sell it.

Or hold it thinking it will bounce back.

Or you will buy some more land hoping that as soon as price increases, losses will recover.

For final decision your the best person, because i want to invest in stock for just decent returns in 3years, some one for high returns in 3 years, someone because they think a certain stock will do well in that 3 years.

All will have their plans for both profit and loss situations.

This is what you have to keep in mind and invest.

Generally, speaking, since you said markets, i will invest in broad market or index market funds or shares as india is good growing market. I expect it grow further.

Losses or correction can happen.

But i expect market to grow another 15–18 percent from current numbers.

But as said keep profit booking plan and loss exit plan apart from 3 year horizon in mind.

Say suppose you want goto interview, its must but weather dint permit.

You took cab, but broke down.

You called and told situation.

So either they gave another chance or you missed it.

So same be prepared for both situations in shares, why is that people only think i want returns, it can never happen.

Even Warren Buffet lost money.

Other day facebook shares fell 16.2 billion, this is the money most hardly even earn in our lives.

So plan and invest.

I would say invest say e.g. 1000 and if it drops to 6,00 i would sell. 40 percent loss, i am okay to take based on market readings.

If it reaches 1300 within 3 years (30 percent), i will take 1100 and invest 200 (20 percent returns) and again replan my profit and loss plan for that 200 (20 percent returns) and remaining time frame left in that 3 years.

But this again for an amount of 1,000. So you choose how much you are okay to lose, how much returns you expect and whats your profit book and loss exit plan.

But expect another 15 to 18 percent returns, subject to loss of 5–10 percent.

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What will be the future of the IT sector after 5 years?

Peer-to-peer sharing alias Torrent technology does it ring a bell?

The significance of the this technology is only to get more
louder in the coming days. Finance, government, medical and even web
hosting services can actually benefit from this technology in one way
or another. It simply makes things easier and things can be done

Its free to use, no more proprietary issues, licensing fees,
upgradation or security issues. Offcourse, it has its own pitfalls but
no system is perfect right? Now you and your client can seamlessly
transact from the word go.

The best part is you have the whole wide online domain alias
world web at your disposal as the infrastructure All this comes at
just fraction of a cost. It might not replace the corporate database
technology, but it is here to stay for anyone who wants to go open
source with their business operations.

Still din’t get it.Read on… to remove the Block from your mind and free yourself from the Chains of ignorance.

The future of IT is BLOCKCHAIN..

No more company owned softwares, domains, services like banking etc.

Everyone can just connect to the internet and do what they want with blockchain.

Everyone is a service provider and everyone is a user. Did you get it.

For eg: Currently we all have to open a bank account, put money, and login into the bank website for netbanking.

What Block Chain does – you can create create your own currency like bitcoin. You just need internet and a app to share, recieve money etc.

The concept is exactly like a torrent where people share movies, songs, files on internet. Everyone is a seed, everyone is a peer.

With blockchain everyone can host a website, because blockchain is connected to many other systems in the blockchain network. Got it..

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What can entrepreneurs learn from professional sports persons?

Take the example of a cricket match or a badminton match or any sports for that matter. I am sure most of us who follow the sport have the ability to predict the game 7 out of 10 times correctly. However, when the same comes to our business or real life, most of the times, we somehow are dumbstruck, think a lot more, not sure etc.

So the next time you are in a business situation or for that matter any situation, see it as a cricket match or a badminton match and think what you would do to win that game. I am sure you would win 7 out of 10 situations. Dont worry about losing that one game a.k.a situation.

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What are the best home loan options available in India for a techie for 50 lacs, with a tenure of 20 years?

It depends on your priorities. If you are willing to buy some time and waste less money, then go for PSU banks. They take time, but are very transparent and their interests are reasonable and have no hidden charges but you might not get the expected amount.

Private banks offer good service, fast processing and you might the get amount as you expect but beware of hidden charges, high interest rates, they are slow to reduce interest rates, have pre-closure charges, etc.

so if you are in a hurry, financially smart and have a keen eye for detail, and expecting your income to rise considerably in the future, or surely make profit from your home, then go for private banks but keep a tab on their charges every month.

If you just want a peaceful home to stay, and not get into any further trouble in the future, just struggle a bit till you get the loan from a PSU bank and be contempt.

As of now competition is tough and all banks offer interest rate in the range of 9 percent to 10.75 percent. This is one of the best times to buy a home loan with interest rates at a low point. If you are young and your spouse is earning or financially secure, go for floating rate of interest, as interest rates are expected to go down due to the market conditions.

If you are already having a lot of financial commitments and have saved very less money, and don’t want to take any risks go for fixed rate of interest home loan.

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How SEO Can Benefit Your Online Business – to the point

When was the last time you visited a web page by typing its URL in the address bar? In most cases even if we are aware of the URL we simply go to our friendly neighborhood search engine and enter the website’s name.

Charts with statistics on the screen of a laptop on a glossy surface

However, once the initial e-mail checking, facebook chatting and twitter tweeting is done, what do you do? We look out for a website of our favourite movie review, or catch up on the latest news and so on.

How do we do this? Do we remember the URL of the websites we browse? No, in such cases we just type the content what we are looking for in the name of say – latest news, movie reviews etc.

Just when you thought you got your mouse on the website you were looking for – guess what? You are wrong? The search results would give you a range of websites from movie reviews, movie downloads, movie database etc.

So, how do you ensure that your website on movie reviews invariably comes up in the search engine results? Simple, it’s called SEO. In short what the SEO does to your website is to ensure that when a user types in a query ‘movie reviews’, ‘film review’ or ‘latest movie reviews’ etc your website should show up in the search results page.

A business man taking marketing analytics technologically on an ipad tablet in his office

With more visibility your website gets more clicks, more clicks mean you can now hope some advertisers (say movie tickets website, movie theatres, Malls etc) to PAY for showing up their ads on your webpage.

End of the day with zillions of websites being created year on year and billions of websites being created for every topic known to mankind, it only makes sense to have a good SEO strategy in place to ensure your website gets the clicks.



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Key Challenges for corporate legal in managing contracts

Today if the functioning of the entire world can be summed up in one word then it would be the fine print. To be more precise, it should be mentioned in the contract. Yes, from your ancestral property to the billion dollar business that shape the way the world runs, they all come down to the fine print on the contract.

So, do we need to further establish the importance of managing such an important contract? With such a huge responsibility also comes an equally larger set of challenges for the legal eagles to manage the contract which includes everyone from the customers, to the vendors, the distributors and employees as well.

And if you thought this is just it, the corporate legal team also has to do everything from managing to modifying to executing and even to dismiss the contract. This is just the start. The real challenges actually lie ahead.

Work with the all the parties involved with the company.

Yup, of all the teams in the corporate team, the legal team just cannot shy away from responsibility. They just have to be in the thick of things. Your company might be just sourcing cabs from a logistics provider but it is the job of the corporate legal team to assist the company with preparing the contract by understanding the complete business arrangement between the company and the vendor.

Save the money

Yes, unfortunately in today’s business, organisations expect ROI even from the last straw of resource imaginable. End of the day, it’s all about which company makes more money and that’s the only way they stay afloat and possibly rule the roost as well. So, it is needless to say that the legal team managing the contract has to save the costs. The HR does, Operations does it, so you have to do it. You have to tell the company the budget you need, show the return on investment. You might have just saved the company from a big billion fraud case but if you ain’t got the invoice for fighting the case, you will end up fighting for your own job. Jokes apart, keep track of all the costs involved.

Big Data..wondering what’s that?

If you are guessing about it, chances are you are already piled with a desk full of books, rack of legal case files, rants of colleagues shouting at top of their voices about what the rule says. There is no point if you just know the law, you have to have it at your fingertips. So, talk to your CTO, tech team, or hire a third party contract management service or get the damn hardware engineer in your office at least and ask him what’s it. You’ll know what it means to have everything at your fingertips. So don’t just be legal expert in managing contracts but also be technically sound with managing contracts. The next time they need a clause in the contract, your response time should be faster than Google search engine results.

All knowledge and no application makes managing contracts boring.

In short, don’t just be a good student, once you have learnt the nuances of your contract, you should know what is the data revealing, are we going to face a crisis, are the numbers good this quarter, is the contract outdated compared to the new business performance. Don’t wait for the kill, Legal eagle should go for the kill.

 Changing times requires changing rules

A person's hand holding a camera lens over a mountain lake

The last time you spoke to your client, you realized that he is delivering the work faster, the new employee work timings have just been made flexible, and the company has just shifted to a new building. So, I am pretty sure you too moved the documents to the new office right? Vow, that’s really smart of you and then you are done. Yes, that’s it legal eagle, you are now an endangered species. Still didn’t get the joke, Jokes part, chill we’ll explain.

You never know when the tragedy strikes – it could just be a public strike at your new office in the remote island (seriously- well it could happen), or someone makes the next legal attack on the company. So make sure you don’t sit and relax and always review the contracts from time to time. Review every single contract regularly.

Don’t forget the keys

Do we further need to say what happens if someone knows your bank account details. I know what you are thinking? Stop thinking, the first thing you do now is to check if you have the top of the line security to your contracts as well. Be it on a server or the office building or at the bank safe down the alley. Make sure, nobody except under the right person and under the right circumstances can access it.

The best part – stick to the rules

Red light on traffic lights mounted on a pole

If there is one department that can truly sit back and relax (he he he your dreams only though) then it is the legal team managing the contracts. Yes, you don’t have to be innovative. Stick to what worked all these years, for your company, if they want, let them change as per your rules. Something’s just cannot be changed. So always stick to the terms of the contract that were critical to the success of the business all these years, off course with an open mind as well. Did we say that was easy? Yep and we are done.

Go Legal Eagle..get that contract finished…

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Benefits of 3d Modeling in Architectural Presentations

3D designing is a process by which designers, engineers and modelers use a 3D modeling program to produce a 3D model of an item. The item can then be viewed and considered in the virtual 3D space before any money is spent on actually making the item.

3d modelling

People use this process to create a final prototype of a product without then creating any intermediate real world prototype. Designers also use 3D design for house designs or room decors that can then be easily changed for the client.

The term “3D architecture” refers to the virtual models used to visualize a building or similar structure that doesn’t physically exist. Architects and engineers (as well as, increasingly, those without specialized training in design) are using these to build three-dimensional architectural models.

As suggested by the increasing number of Internet applets (small, targeted applications) for creating such models, average people are designing rooms and even entire houses and landscapes in 3D.

Although these applets don’t have the tools for finely detailing a structure, they fulfill their intended purpose: to help people turn their ideas into realities.

In fact customers purchase the property based on the models alone, justifying the importance of creating accurate and concise 3D models, which can be rendered in the form of a tour of the unit. If done with conventional methods, architectural design and planning require many man-hours to produce useful construction documents.

To survive in today’s competitive environment it is important to deliver quality outputs within demanding budget and time. Using Computer Aided Design and 3D Modeling techniques you can save abundance time and efforts while generating useful 2D drawings and 3D models to satisfy your construction documentation and promotion needs.

3d modelling buidling

Benefits of Architectural 3D modeling include:

    • Check for errors that might occur in the drawing process
    • Better visualization for all types of buildings
    • Better insight to surface patterns of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Offices, etc
    • Generate architectural walkthroughs & virtual tours
    • Efficient marketing and promotional tools for advertising
    • Renderings with Custom interior or furniture
    • Minimum errors/revisions in Design and RFIs
    • Improved coordination among architects, engineers and contractor
    • Optimum use of materials
    • Lower project costs

In the present globalization modern building requires fabulous interior and exterior looks. projects of interior and exterior decoration are heavily depend upon the most popular technology architectural 3D modeling and 3D rendering that can be supplied by the contractor or builders to professional architectural firms.

These details allow you to view your future building before it is built and also help to make cost estimation. Using 3D modeling and 3D rendering you can get exact idea about your all building components.

In Last many years 3D modeling and 3D rendering have got significant growth in the Architectural industry due to need of faster infrastructure development.

So both techniques are become most popular term for outsourcing. Many of architectural firms are offering exceptional solutions for 3D modeling and you are wise enough to choose proper one.

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Adoption of Block Chain and its relevance in Industries

Blockchain a.k.a peer-to-peer sharing alias Torrent does it ring a bell?

torrent network p2p

Or do you still feel the block to not adopt it. Well, then here is our deep down
take on the Block Chain usecases and so if you are a CTO, CXO or CIO
sit tight, block yourself for the next few minutes and hopefully you
will be happy to join the chain.

Blockchain is nothing but similar to your torrent technology a.k.a
peer-to-peer technology where any kind of data is transmitted, stored,
and transferred globally on thousands of servers.

Anyone on the torrent bandwagon can see everyone’s data in real-time. The best part
is no one entity can gain control of or game the network. So what is
the gain in it?

blockchain network P2P.jpg

Banking, remittance, hosting, insurance and healthcare. Blockchains
are being put to a wide variety of uses in several industries.

Blockchain for Banking and Remittance

Why is Blockchain making so much noice? Simply because that is where
the money lies. With Blockchain anyone can send money to anyone,

Blockchain does away with third parties; in other words, a fund bank  or government a blockchain needs no backer, and that means no fees.

Agreed, banks need to ensure the safety of the transaction
but isn’t a bank running because of our money. Aren’t
Banks actually supposed to provide us these services with any hassles,
do away with limits on the time, amount and transfer fees etc.

Blockchain in insurance

Insurance in itself has permanently changed the way the entire world
functions. Over the past few decades, it is only due to insurance that
a small business can think of becoming a multi-trillion-dollar global
business and many have in fact flourished, only thanks to the
insurance companies assurance.

However, the industry in many ways, is still stuck in the past.

Inspite of online platforms and easy ways to buy a policy till date
the most preferred way to buy a policy is by calling your freindly
neighbhourhood agent.

This more often than not leads to paper contracts. This invariably
leads to errors and and often require human supervision.

Not to forget that the whole process itself involves
consumers, brokers, insurers and reinsurers, as well as insurance’s
main product — risk. With blockchain and insurance in tandem things
can now be moved to ledger on a  blockchain.

This means that we now have encrypted secured form of shared record-keeping.
This prevents potential point of failure in the overall system, no more loss of
information, lost policies, policies misinterpreted, and settlement
times delayed.

Blockchain for healthcare

Blockchain can also be a one stop platform for all the parties to add,
exchange data such as a patient’s electronic healthcare record, in
real time.

Due to its inherent encryption, the technology itself acts
as a verification tool, ensuring only your medical practioner,
insurance provider or you can access the ledger a.ka. your policy.

The initial step of digitizing health data holds great promise for it
not only enables easy access to data, but on a large scale it is now
possible to monitor the health of an entire population over a
unimaginable scale.

Not to forget the lower cost of blockchain for secure patient
data exchange, including sensitive electronic medical records.

Blockchain for hosting

Blockchain has the potential to touch every industry and the it was
only time before the world wide web itself became its victim or should
we say benefactor? While the debate is on let us see, what it does for

If the internet you are using is free then it was only matter of time
that the world wide web or website you are visiting, browsing or want
to host itself became free of cost. Yes, still not convinced, then
check for [] which
is hosted on the ethereum blockchain. It uses ENS, Ethereum Name
Service, to build the DNS service.  Though the hosting is still in its
nascent stages, it makes a good case for for hosting.

Let’s take an example.

Now the getaways can use the unpacked zonefile to reply to the original inquiry.
The hosting of DNS domain on ENS is at the experimental stage. It is
still early days to be used for your website that are at production
stage. However, it is only limited by your imagination for the scope
of integration that is possible with blockchain.

Blockchain ensures you are always online and the peers, or
your servers are never down as your website is now a decentralized web
in itself. Not to forget the peer-to-peer data storage and seamless
way to generate revenues or monetization.

The significance of the blockchain technology is only to get more
louder in the coming days. Finance, government, medical and even web
hosting services can actually benefit from this technology in one way
or another. It simply makes things easier and things can be done

Its free to use, no more propertiary issues, licensing fees,
upgradation or security issues. Offcourse, it has its own pitfalls but
no system is perfect right? Now you and your client can seamlessly
transact from the word go.

The best part is you have the whole wide online domain alias
world web at your disposal as the infrastructure All this comes at
just fraction of a cost. It might not replace the corporate database
technology, but it is here to stay for anyone who wants to go open
source with their business operations.

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BeagleBone is the newest member of the BeagleBoard family

Image result for BB-BONE-000 board/kit

The BB-BONE-000 board/kit builds on some of the most loved features than the original BeagleBoard such as an open low-power high-performance arm cortex-a8 CPU compatible with of thousands of open source software applications access the low-level hardware expansion and the ability to operate as USB peripherals.

What’s new at this be deported or platform the jobs front both the board size and the price or adding a significant number a partner i/o connections and surprisingly nice single cable. To begin with the BB-BONE-000 simply plug it in your windows Mac OS X from Linux computer up including a beagle board.

The provided micro SD card with the action distribution makes aboard look like a flash drive the contains instructions to install the necessary device drivers.

You can be able to simultaneously access over the USB cable a serial console as well as in system J tag debug interface with no additional hardware. Further instructions provided to you walk you through the process setting up over the USB cable a network interface.

You can use a supported html5 compliant web browser to not only navigate word capabilities but also to develop your own simple applications directly in the browser. While expect a lot of people to take advantage of this new simplified over the network interface. BB-BONE-000 is possible to directly connect a monitor using one available daughter board . This board will make open source development even easier in kick starter inventions from 3d printers Wireless robotics to home automation.